• Title of the unit: How the world works.

  • Central idea: Humans use their understanding of the principle of change to influence the world around them.

  • What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

    1. An inquiry into the physical properties of solids.

    2. An inquiry into the states of matter

    3. An inquiry into the forces in motion

    4. An inquiry into how those changes affect us.

During this second unit, students inquired about the properties of matter and the changes that occur in objects. Through experiments, journaling, descriptions and explanations the students developed their understanding of matter and the changes that are caused by heating or freezing.

Students also inquired about the effects of a force (push and pull) in the movement of an object. Through experiments and stations, the students developed an understanding how pushing and pulling of an object affects the motion of the object.

2nd Unit 2 PYP Newsletter (2).pdf